TextBuddy Version 1.0.3 Release Notes

Hello! Thanks so much for the amazingly warm welcome two weeks ago. Can’t begin to say how motivating it is to see so many people react enthusiastically to TextBuddy.

This first update brings 28 new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

If you’re enjoying TextBuddy, I’d love it if you could tell your other nerdy, plain-text-loving friends and co-workers about the app.

Feel free to send in any feedback or ask questions to @textbuddyapp or hello@textbuddy.app.

  • New: Assign a global hotkey to bring TextBuddy to the front.
  • New: Assign a global hotkey to capture the screen.
  • New: Press the spacebar during a screen capture to select an entire window at once.
  • Fixed: Screen capture command now works correctly across multiple monitors.
  • New: Screen capture command displays the size of the selected region.
  • New: Screen capture command does a better job of highlighting the region (or window) you are selecting.
  • New: TextBuddy is now integrated into the macOS Services menu.
    • Select text in another app and right-click to send to TextBuddy.
    • Right-click on a text file to send the contents to TextBuddy.
    • Right-click on an image file to capture any text it contains.
    • Right-click on an audio or video file to transcribe the audio.
  • New: Updated app icon.
  • New: Users who purchase TextBuddy can pick from 12 custom app icons.
  • New: Info panel (sidebar) will remember its open / closed state between app launches.
  • New: “Prepend Lines With…” command.
  • New: “Append Lines With…” command.
  • New: When cleaning a URL, a trailing “?” character will be removed if there are no remaining query parameters.
  • New: Command → Data menu.
  • New: Open detected (mailing) addresses in Apple Maps.
  • New: Open detected (mailing) addresses in Google Maps.
  • New: Preference to enable/disable automatically showing the main window when TextBuddy is activated.
  • New: Added preference to disable user interface sound effects.
  • Fixed: Added tooltips to toolbar buttons and other UI elements.
  • Fixed: File → New menu item will open the main window if it was closed.
  • Fixed: The “Capitalize Sentences” command should work much more reliably now. If anyone can provide feedback for how well this works for non-English languages, I’d appreciate it.
  • Fixed: Fetching the current Safari URL as a Markdown link incorrectly swapped the title and URL.
  • Fixed: Adding line numbers will start counting from 1 instead of 0. (Sorry, the programmer in me got a little carried away.)