TextBuddy Version 1.0.4 Release Notes

TextBuddy is now compatible with macOS Catalina. I’m aware of a few remaining visual glitches on 10.15, but the app should work overall. I’d appreciate any bug reports on the older OS.

  • New: Smart Punctuation command that converts straight quotes, ellipses, and dashes into their fancier typographic counterparts. (Uses SmartyPants by John Gruber.)
  • New: Word Wrap text while respecting code comments. (Thanks to Brett for suggesting this.)
  • New: Unwrap text and preserve blank lines.
  • New: Three new macOS services to send text and images from other applications directly to TextBuddy for processing.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug that prevented some customers from being able to activate their license. Please let me know if this continues to happen for anyone.
  • Fixed: Much better error handling when Speech Recognition is disabled or offline support is not installed. If transcribing audio files was previously not working, please give it another try.
  • Fixed: Improved text selection highlight visibility when the system accent color is set to Graphite.
  • Fixed: The quick command (⌘T) window would not automatically dismiss when taking a screenshot.

Here are two demos of the new wrapping and unwrapping commands.

Unwrap and Keep Blank Lines

You’ll see me unwrap text normally and then the updated version that keeps blank lines so you can see the difference.

Wrap and Respect Code Comments

This command will wrap your text like normal, but any lines that start with a code comment character(s) will continue the comment for the rest of the wrapping portion of that line. Here’s how it works.

Currently, this wrap command supports single line comments starting with //, #, and REM.