TextBuddy Version 1.0.8 Release Notes

A few, nice quality-of-life improvements in this release as well as an important bug fix for Catalina users.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting this little app. It would make my day if you would tell your friends or coworkers about TextBuddy.

  • New: You can double-click the name of a command in the Quick Command palette to run it instead of requiring you to press ↵. (Also applies to the Run Script palette.)
  • New: Added “Select Word” command ^W.
  • New: Added “Select Line” command ⇧ ⌘L.
  • New: Added “Select Paragraph” command ^⌥P.
  • New: Added a “Font” menu under the “View” menu with commands to make the editor font size bigger and smaller.
  • Fixed: On macOS Catalina, the “input windows” that would ask for information before running a command would become disconnected from the editor window.