TextBuddy Version 1.0.9 Release Notes

Hello. Welcome to another exciting edition of Fix-All-The-Bugs. In today’s episode…

  • New: The “Quick Command” palette (⌘T) now also contains any custom scripts you’ve added to TextBuddy. They will be denoted with a little JavaScript icon next to their name so you can quickly identify them vs built-in TextBuddy commands. You can still access your scripts under the “Script” menu or by pressing ⌘R, but this will give you one keystroke to access any type of command.
  • Fixed: Better error handling when macOS incorrectly reports that speech recognition is unavailable.
  • Fixed: Solved a bug where the Transcription command would fail after launching TextBuddy if you didn’t first run the OCR command at least one time. (Ya’ll, programming is hard. Sorry.)

Thanks again to everyone for supporting this little app. It would make my day if you would tell your friends or coworkers about TextBuddy.